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200 Homeless Residents Find Jobs through Friendship Place Program

Washington, DC — Friendship Place’s AimHire job placement program reached its 200th successful job placement in February. Along with jobs, each of the individuals placed also found temporary or permanent housing, simultaneously, within the program.

AimHire is the only organization in DC that places people into both jobs and housing at the same time, within the same program. Fundamental to our success are our partnerships with congregations, business owners, employers, landlords and leaders of our community.

The program, which is completely privately funded, is pioneering a new model in the field of employment and homelessness, eliminating a one-size-fits-all-approach in favor of individualized, person-centered, wraparound services.

Executive Director, Jean-Michel Giraud, believes this breakthrough proves that there is an effective model to get individuals back to self-sufficiency. “We’ve seen firsthand how these practical solutions are changing lives. With community collaboration and commitment to the mission, Friendship Place has a successful plan to end homelessness in DC.”

The 200th placement belongs to Veer. He came into the AimHire office, on the brink of losing his apartment, determined to learn the right tools to help turn his life around. Over the course of a month, he worked with AimHire staff to make his resume more marketable as well as attended weekly employment workshops. With newly acquired communication skills and business attire, Veer was able to make a professional impression during his interviews.

He’s now happy to report that all of this assistance and hard work has paid off in not one, but two jobs. With the help of Friendship Place, Veer stabilized his housing and is now completely out of debt with his landlord.

“It’s a tremendous feeling to be in a position to empower people to rebuild their lives,” said AimHire Director, Jermaine Hampton. “In an economy where jobs are in such high demand, it’s an honor to have a results-oriented job placement program that’s achieving its goals.”

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