Families First – Veterans

Program Overview

Families First is a program under Veterans First Division that provides self sufficiency services to Prince George’s County, Maryland veterans and their families. The program is funded by Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and aims to help veteran families find stable and permanent housing through rental subsidies and intensive, wraparound case management services.

Families participating in the Families First program work with a Friendship Place case manager who assists them with their housing search, housing placement, connection to community resources, job placement assistance, and other services.


In 2018, Friendship Place’s Families First program ended homelessness for 50 individuals in 13 families, including 29 children.

Who We Serve

Families First serves households with at least one veteran and one dependent child in Prince George’s County. The veteran must have served on active duty in the Military, Naval, or Air Service* beyond basic training and:

  • Not have been given a dishonorable discharge
  • Have an income below 50 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI)
  • Be homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

*National Guard and Reservists who were activated by Presidential Order to serve in another State or Country (beyond their initial training) and received a DD-214 with an other than dishonorable discharge are also eligible for this program.

Where We Serve

Families First serves veteran families in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia who are open to moving and being housed in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Need Help?

To become a participant in the Families First program, call us at 202.658.9599 or email us at info@friendshipplace.org

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