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Friendship Place is a recognized leader in the homeless services field in promoting and implementing best practices. The Friendship Place Training Exchange will provide quality training resources and technical assistance consultation across Friendship Place programs and to partner organizations to build the capacity of our system to provide effective, participant-centered services that end homelessness.


As the community moves from a siloed, program-focused model towards coordinated entry, we must ensure that there is a high standard of training and service quality in programs across our system. Coordinated entry seeks to eliminate the old maze-like process of connecting to services and replace it with a rapid response that quickly connects people experiencing homelessness to the most appropriate available resource, no matter where they enter the system.

This is widely-considered to be a best practice, and one that will ultimately bring an end to homelessness and ensure that it is a rare, brief, and non-recurring experience for people. However, if not all programs are equally equipped to provide these effective, participant-centered services from highly-trained staff, we will only have succeeded in replacing a maze system with a lottery.

Coordinating not just program entry, but also service provision and training, will provide an opportunity for all programs in our system to have access to high-quality training and technical assistance resources to meet their staffing needs, regardless of the size of their organization or their training budgets.

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