Friendship Place believes that advocacy is the most effective way of gaining the support needed to access the required resources for preventing and ending chronic homelessness. Strategic advocacy by staff, board, supporters and participants, propels Friendship Place to work at the systemic level, advancing our vision of a region in which every person has a place to call “home.”

In the past, our advocacy at the federal level has led to increased funding for programs that are successfully reducing homelessness among veterans.

At the local level, we have succeeded in mobilizing our community to speak out against proposed cuts to homeless services. Our advocate teams testify at every relevant DC Council hearing each year, urging our elected officials to direct resources to proven, rapid solutions like homelessness prevention, rehousing and job placement, while investing sufficient funds in supportive housing to end homelessness for those who are more vulnerable and need longer-term help.

As a result, we have seen the DC Council increase funding in the District budget for permanent supportive housing, as well as new funding for rapid rehousing.

We welcome anyone – individuals, service providers, campaigns and coalitions — who share our passion to end homelessness.

If you are interested in joining our advocacy efforts, contact Chris Rutledge at 202.503.2968


The Way Home Campaign

Friendship Place is a partner of The Way Home Campaign. The Way Home is a campaign to end chronic homelessness in the District of Columbia by 2017.

On any given night in the District, there are nearly 1,800 individuals and families living on the streets and in shelters who are considered chronically homeless  – they have been homeless for years and struggle with significant issues like mental illness and chronic health conditions. These are some of our most vulnerable residents.

The Way Home believes that the District of Columbia has the resources, creativity, and ability to end chronic homelessness.  This is a vital step in our greater efforts to end homelessness in our community.

To learn more about the campaign and join in the efforts, go to

Download our Pocket Guide – A miniature hand-out of all the area services with phone numbers, address and hours of operation. You can keep this in your wallet or purse as a reference or you can pass them out to neighbors you know that would benefit from them.  

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