Program Partners

Friendship Place relies on partner organizations to help us further our cause. Our partners help us in a variety of ways, and we are grateful for all of their support. We are always looking for new partners. If you are interested in joining with us please contact Chris Rutledge at or 202-503-2968.

Friendship Place thanks the following organizations for collaborating and partnering with us as we work together to end homelessness!

Housing & Shelters

  • Anne Frank House – provides permanent supportive housing to formerly homeless Friendship Place participants.
  • Veronica House – runs a women’s shelter staffed by a group of formerly homeless women.
  • SOME – provides housing units for Friendship Place AimHire jobseekers.
  • Catholic Charities – provides housing units for Friendship Place AimHire jobseekers.
  • St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – partners with Friendship Place to operate St. Paul’s Shelter for Men.
  • St. Columba’s Episcopal Church – hosts and provides funding and volunteers to Friendship Place and operates the Water Ministry, which provides lunches, showering facilities, and laundry services to Friendship Place participants.
  • National United Methodist Church – partners with Friendship Place in the operation of two shelters: Metropolitan House and St. Luke’s Shelter.

Employment Help

General Assistance

  • Goods for Good DCGoods For Good (G4G) partners with local nonprofits that provide critical care to economically disadvantaged, underserved, and vulnerable communities in the Washington, DC area.
  • Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church – operates TAP (Transition Assistance Program), which helps Friendship Place participants secure identification documents.
  • Temple Micah – conducts an annual drive that collects socks and undergarments for Friendship Place’s Welcome Center.
  • Unity Healthcare – appoints staff to deliver medical and psychiatric services to our Drop-in Clinic visitors.
  • Make the Connection – provides Veterans with information on the signs and symptoms of mental health challenges,  descriptions of research-based treatment options, and videos of Veterans sharing their own inspiring stories of recovery. 

Your Donation Helps End Homelessness!

Your support for Friendship Place has a lasting impact. In 2023, our programs ended or prevented homelessness for 4,993 people, including 1,507 children in families and 670 veterans. We empowered 167 people experiencing or at risk of homelessness to get jobs through innovative, state-of-the-art job placement services. Make a donation today in support of our work to end homelessness. Questions? Please feel free to call our fundraising office, 202.957.7834.

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