Our Board

  • Michele Salters Williams,

    Board Chair* Board of Directors

    Michele Salters Williams has over twenty-five years experience in providing services to vulnerable populations, including persons with disabilities, individuals and families experiencing homelessness and low-income communities.  She is an expert in program development and implementation as well as Continuum of Care Management.   

    As founder of Michele S. Williams, LLC, Michele has leveraged her expertise as a leader in the nonprofit and government sectors to create a firm uniquely designed to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. Her focus is on crisis management and solutions, increasing capacity for organizations, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, and building the skills and confidence of staff.

    Michele holds a B.S.W in Social Work and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration from Western Michigan University. Michele is a Standards for Excellence® Licensed Consultant and Board Source certified to work with nonprofit organizations across the country interested in learning about and implementing the Standards for Excellence code.  Michele is also a 2014 alumnus of the Masters Series for Distinguished Leaders in Washington, DC. 

  • Mitch Fulton,

    Immediate Past Chair Board of Directors
  • Ann Michel,

    Vice-Chair* Board of Directors
  • John Forlines,

    Treasurer* Board of Directors
  • Bruce Grimes,

    Secretary* Board of Directors
  • Robert Adler
  • Quanta Anthony
  • Jamie Butler
  • Helen Charles
  • Lawrence Collins
  • Marilyn Dickinson
  • David L Dirks, Jr*
  • Joel Anthony Fischman
  • Debra Fried Levin
  • Mitchell Fulton*
  • Anne S. Morrison
  • Parag Pandya
  • Clarissa Peterson
  • Maura Policelli
  • Nan Roman*
  • Lynn Sachs*
  • Garret Sern
  • Ray Shiu
  • Brenda Small

*Members of the Executive Committee

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