Free Clinic

Program Overview

People who are sleeping on the street, in cars, and in shelters often put their health on the back burner. Many have medical conditions that can be deadly if left untreated.

At Friendship Place’s Drop-In Center and Clinic, located at the Welcome Center, anyone who visits can see a doctor, nurse or psychiatrist. They can receive life-saving medications and treatments for conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma.

Services Offered

Medical Care

What could be more fundamental to someone’s peace of mind than knowing that they can see a doctor when they’re sick?

Our Drop-In Clinic provides medical care to everyone in need through a partnership with Unity Health Care. There’s no red tape and no appointments are necessary. Individuals in need can simply walk in and see a doctor or nurse. Our goal is to provide the needed medical care quickly, and with the sole goal of helping the individual. If treatment can not be completed at the clinic, our doctors will try to find a specialist to provide pro bono (free) care.

Mental Health Care

We offer same-day psychiatric appointments, no questions asked. Individuals in need can immediately get help without having to share personal information. Removing barriers to psychiatric help enables us to assist more individuals and build trust. This gives us the opportunity to further enhance our participants’ lives.

Our team understands the impacts that mental health issues can have and always have the individual’s long term mental health in mind.


In Fiscal Year 2021, our medical and mental health clinic provided 46 free consultations.

How You Can Help

The District of Columbia does not reimburse psychiatric services for the uninsured. Friendship Place raises 100 percent of the funds for our mental health clinic from private sources. To help, please make a donation to Friendship Place today.

Where We Serve

The Welcome Center is located at 4713 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, between the TenleyTown and Friendship Heights Metro Stations. To visit, take the following busses: 30N, 30S, 31, 33 and N2.

Anyone in need of assistance is welcome to come to the Drop-In Clinic and Center.


Medical Clinic: Mondays 1-4pm (on a first-come, first-served basis)
Psychiatric Care: Thursdays 1-4pm (by appointment)

Need Help?

Call the Welcome Center at 202.364.1419 or email us at

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