Neighbors First Families

Program Overview

Neighbors First Families provides Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) and support for highly vulnerable, chronically homeless families. All participants in the program are provided with permanent housing—along with comprehensive long-term case management—to ensure a better quality of life and stability. Our case managers serve the needs of each member of the family. This can include help with individual goals, health, financial stability, education, reconnection with family, employment, and more.

Following the successful Housing First model, Neighbors First Families removes all barriers to housing for heads of households, such as unemployment or criminal record, and places families directly into their own apartments. Housing First is a person-centered approach that welcomes participants “as they are” and allows them to drive the process. Once housed, wraparound case management supports them in applying for additional benefits, obtaining job training, and/or finding employment. Participants are empowered to create sustainable budgets and are guided through a process to eventually graduate to housing stability and self-sufficiency.

The Housing First approach is extraordinarily effective, as evidenced by our housing stability rates of greater than 98 percent.


In Fiscal Year 2021, Neighbors First Families served 592 family members, with a program retention rate of 100%. 

Who We Serve

Neighbors First Families serves families struggling with literal homelessness who have a member that suffers from a chronic health condition or possesses other barriers to housing stability.

Where We Serve

The Washington, DC area.

Neighbors First Families and Neighbors First Individuals receive their referrals directly from the Department of Housing Services, through DC’s Coordinated Entry System. If you are currently experiencing homelessness and would like to be assessed for Neighbors First Program eligibility, you must complete an assessment at our Welcome Center or at numerous other outreach and drop-in centers within the District. If you are a family experiencing homelessness, you are required to complete program eligibility screening at the Virginia Williams Family Resource Center located at 920-A Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018.

Need Help?

Contact us at 202.364.1419 or email

Changing the Trajectory of Young Lives

Although their families have left homelessness for housing, the young people in our Neighbors First Families program are some of the most at-risk youth in Washington DC. They have lived in shelters, tent cities, cars, and hotel rooms, and as a result, struggle with behavioral issues, low school attendance, and poor grades. Neighbors First Families gives hope to these young people through a dedicated Youth Specialist and our Brother to Brother (B2B) mentoring program. The program ensures that each child has someone they can count on to listen and address their unique needs and concerns. Additionally, the skilled team at Friendship Place collaborates with school social workers, teachers, mental health providers, parole and probation officers, and the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA). This means that any issues that arise in a participating child’s life are addressed in a holistic manner by an entire team committed to his or her well-being and success.

Your Donation Helps End Homelessness!

Your support for Friendship Place has a lasting impact. In 2023, our programs ended or prevented homelessness for 4,993 people, including 1,507 children in families and 670 veterans. We empowered 167 people experiencing or at risk of homelessness to get jobs through innovative, state-of-the-art job placement services. Make a donation today in support of our work to end homelessness. Questions? Please feel free to call our fundraising office, 202.957.7834.

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