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What is AimHire?

Being jobless and homeless is a vicious cycle. You can’t get a job when you don’t have a place to live, and you can’t get a place to live without a job. AimHire offers a way out. This program empowers people who are experiencing homelessness and unemployment to find jobs and housing at the same time.

How does the program work?

When someone signs up for AimHire, we take an individualized approach with them. We get to know them. We help them assess their skills and interests. We look at the subtle issues that might stand in the way of their securing stable employment and housing. We address any special accommodations they might need. And we connect them directly with employers and landlords.

In partnership with area congregations, we also offer a number of transitional housing placements for AimHire participants.

What AimHire is not.

AimHire is not a one-size-fits all training program. Graduation in AimHire is not a certificate. Graduation is a job and a place to live. There is no time limit on AimHire’s services. As long as someone is willing to work with us to achieve their goals, we will stick with them.

Who’s involved?

AimHire is a team effort led by a staff of employment and housing specialists who are supported by a dedicated cadre of skilled volunteers. Volunteers provide one-to-one mentoring, lead workshops on a wide variety of job readiness topics, provide resume-writing assistance and help participants submit online job applications in the AimHire computer lab. They also help create job and housing opportunities by reaching out into the community to build relationships with potential employers and landlords.

We know from experience that respecting the uniqueness of each individual and building trusting relationships are the ingredients of success.

How you can help

  • Hire a participant.
  • Provide a participant with an internship or volunteer opportunity.
  • Enroll a participant in your apprenticeship or training program.
  • Mentor a participant.
  • Introduce the AimHIre staff to your professional network.
  • Donate. AimHire receives a significant portion of its funding through private donations.


Get Involved 

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