Family Connect

Program Overview

Family Connect is Friendship Place’s newest program, created through our partnership with Amazon. The program helps families experiencing or at risk of homelessness achieve housing stability, self-sufficiency, and financial independence. Family Connect is unique because of its ability to provide a quick and flexible response to issues that lead to housing instability and homelessness. Case managers, for example, are able to connect directly with landlords, allowing them to find solutions that will alleviate a family’s condition until other supportive services can be implemented.

Family Connect provides short and long term support based on a family’s needs. To resolve a family’s housing insecurities, case managers are able to offer a variety of services – financial assistance for move-in costs, continued rental assistance, employment services (through our AimHire program), referrals to other forms of assistance, and more.

The cornerstone of the program is its intensive, person-centric, supportive case management. Staff help to create long-term self-sufficiency plans by identifying goals, building on areas of strength, and ensuring that participants obtain the supportive services they need to achieve continued success.

Where We Serve

Family Connect helps families in the DC Metro Region.

Who we serve

The Family Connect program serves households with dependent children, as well as “families of choice” (such as homeless youth who have turned to each other for the support they could not get from their families of origin). Qualifying households have incomes at or below 50 percent Area Median Income (AMI). Households above percent AMI which present circumstances such as net income reduction/garnishment that pose a barrier to housing stability are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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