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At Friendship Place, we connect with our homeless neighbors out on the streets; meeting them right where they are — in parks, alleys, store fronts and church parking lots. Each year over 2,500 essentials are delivered to our homeless neighbors through Friendship Place Outreach. Items like blankets, toiletries, undergarments, sandwiches and water bottles can be the difference between life and death for many who live on the streets. If you can contribute any of these items see the Donate page.


How outreach works:

Our Outreach Specialists provide outreach services at a variety of times throughout the week.  In addition to providing basic needs, the Specialist works to build trust, assess needs, and work with individuals living on the street to meet them where they are physically and mentally, offering services even if the individual does not wish to give their name or come to the Welcome Center.

Eventually, after building that trust, our outreach participants begin to develop a plan to improve their lives.

The majority of chronically homeless individuals in our area suffer from some form of serious mental illness. Therefore, reaching them involves many intensive hours of case management on the street. It can take months or longer. For them, coming in from the street can be a complex and difficult decision. In times of heat or extreme cold, those we meet are provided with food, water, blankets and clothing and a referral to shelter and other services. The Outreach Specialist also answers calls of concern from area businesses, churches, and residences when they see someone in need of our services.  We are the only organization in Ward 3 reaching out to these individuals. Without our program, many of them would not be reached.


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