Friendship Place is dedicated to supporting women at risk or experiencing homelessness in rebuilding their lives and achieving a life of stability for their self and their family. About 90% of the participants we serve in our permanent supportive housing (PSH) and rapid-rehousing programs are single mothers. Here are a few of the many ways we help women in our community:

Neighbors First – Families

Neighbors First Families provides PSH for highly-vulnerable, chronically homeless families. All families in the program are provided with permanent housing, along with comprehensive long-term case management support that ensures their stability. Neighbors First Families gives families who have faced extreme hardship a better quality of life, in both the short and long term. Click here to learn more.

Home Now

Home Now is a rapid rehousing assistance program that helps single adults quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. Friendship Place case-management provides program participants in the program with intensive care and guide them through every step of the process of obtaining secured housing. Resources and services offered by Home now are tailored to the unique needs of the individual. Click here to learn more.

Veronica House

Veronica House is a group home that serves five formerly homeless women. The PSH program has been a partnership between Community Housing Trust and Friendship Place since 1994. Friendship Place staff provides intensive case management to participants at the residence.

Need Help?

Each of our program pages has contact information for the appropriate staff members. Not sure which program is right for you? Please call our Welcome Center staff at 202-364-1419 or email info@friendshipplace.org.

Your Donation Helps End Homelessness!

Your support for Friendship Place has a lasting impact. In 2017, Friendship Place’s programs collectively ended or prevented homelessness for 3,600 people through creative, customized housing solutions, and empowered 290 people experiencing or at risk of homelessness to get jobs through innovative, state-of-the-art job placement services. Make a donation today in support of our work to end homelessness.

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