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Meet Delonte

Delonte, AimHire Jobs Program Participant

One person made all the difference in the life of Delonte.

Delonte enrolled with AimHire with an important dream – he wanted a better job with opportunities for advancement so that he could support his young son.

Delonte worked with AimHire case manager Richard McKey, who helped by connecting Delonte with District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU), a local utility. DCSEU provides paid training and full-time hours for candidates seeking the skills they need for careers in the green energy sector. They
have become an important AimHire partner.

Richard also assisted Delonte with a laptop so that he could attend virtual classes during his time in the DCSEU fall cohort. This enabled Delonte to get underway in building his new career.

The path ahead isn’t always straight, though. Delonte faced many hardships at the outset of the program, and as he started working. He suffered a hand injury, experienced a car accident, and struggled to balance the demands of childcare and his new job. Richard was there throughout, providing needed guidance and support.

Despite it all, Delonte tells is “I’ve never felt so proud to come home in my solar panel installation gear and watch my son’s excitement, seeing his dad all dressed up for his exciting job. Thank you Richard and AimHire!”

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