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Vignettes for the Friendship Walk

“I have been living in DC for 18 years and saw many changes. The homeless problem is very bad and visible, and it goes unchecked. We have the responsibility for our citizens, to provide housing and medical help in a city and a country which are so rich. We need a commitment to create social housing because the gentrification is not going to stop. It’s the reason I came to this walk.”

Michael McIntyre

“I came to show my support. I have always been concerned by homelessness since I was a kid. It’s terrible, I cannot imagine living in the street.” 

Kate Belinski

“Since I came back to the US after several years abroad, I have noticed more and more homeless persons here in Washington. It’s obviously a big problem. It is important for me to support an organization like Friendship Place, which is involved in helping them.”

Kate Belinski and Tom Watkins and their baby Millie

“I have been participating in the Friendship Walk for the five past years, usually with a team I organize, with members of Washington Accueil, a French women’s organization. It is important for me and French expatriates, some of whom have been living here for many years, to take part in a joint effort to fight poverty. This walk helps raise money for a good cause. It brings a moment of solidarity and awareness, which is necessary because there is a lack of policies to solve the homelessness issue. I believe that in America in 2022, nobody should be forced to live in the street, especially in such a rich country.” 

Marianne Hart

“I am a retired veteran and was homeless briefly at one point in my life. People need a home. I am so thankful to help veterans to find a place. Even if I help only one person, one family, it is already something.”

Cynthia Propers Brooks with Marshall “The woke dog”

“I am 16 and a student at Girls Global Academy. Among our school activities, we are helping out and trying to make a difference in our community. Homelessness for me is important. I am blessed to have a home. But on my way to school everyday, I see one homeless person. I try to give her something. Being part of this walk is a way to help them and to decrease their numbers. I hope I will see the end of it.” 


Ierusalema (the girl in the middle) with classmates

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