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Volunteer Opportunity at The Brooks!



The Homework Club at The Brooks provides resident students with access to reference tools, technology, and volunteers who can help them with their homework. Volunteers assist students in grades K-12 with their homework and studies.


  • Answer questions related to homework assignments.
  • Review homework instructions with students and help them understand what is being asked of them.
  • Proofread homework papers, looking for errors and ways for the students to easily improve their assignments. Point out information that is incorrect or missing.
  • Teach students to use reference materials.
  • Model and reinforce literacy skills and good basic study skills.
  • Support the education and enrichment of the students by organizing and implementing supplementary materials for student use, assisting with crafts, providing computer support, and related tasks, as requested by the Homework Club Coordinator.
  • Other duties as requested by the Homework Club Coordinator.


  • All volunteer applicants must complete the initial online screening located at: https://tinyurl.com/BrooksVolunteerInterview
  • The TB skin test. Also known as the Mantoux tuberculin skin test, it is the most common way doctors diagnose tuberculosis.
  • Provide proof of COVID vaccination.
  • A clearance verification (performed by Friendship Place) with the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • Sign a volunteer agreement packet
  • Advanced literacy skills
  • Knowledge of elementary and middle school-level math, science, social studies, etc.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to respond appropriately to patrons while establishing a good rapport
  • Willingness to work with students on any subject
  • Ability to work with several students at a time
  • Adaptable to helping children using the methods by which they have been taught
  • Ability to build positive relationships with students, staff, and other volunteers
  • Ability to use a personal computer (Windows style software, mouse, keyboard). Familiarity with Microsoft Office products and Internet skills are helpful.


Volunteers in this position should be excellent communicators, be comfortable working with youth ages 5-17, and demonstrate patience and a concern for students and their educational needs.

The Homework Club is open on Wednesday’s from 5:30PM until 7:30PM during the school year. TRAINING:
Volunteers will receive a tour and volunteer orientation within The Brooks facility by a staff member. Additional details will also be provided at this in person orientation.

IF INTERESTED, please fill out this online interview!


For more volunteer opportunities, please visit our Volunteer page!

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