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We are supporting The Way Home Campaign this week, and we’d need your help to spread the word and TAKE ACTION!

The Mayor’s proposed budget includes no new housing vouchers, while slashing DC’s social safety net:


DC and the National Park Serviceplan to evict up to 70 of our neighbors from tent encampments NEXT WEEK.

The time to take action is NOW.

Monday, 5/6 

EMAIL ACTION: Demand funding to end homelessness!


Tuesday, 5/7:  


Support All in for DC: A tax system for justice



End the Cliff: Protect 2,000 families from losing their Housing


Wednesday, 5/8:  

  1. Email Action: STOP encampment evictions!


  1. EVENT: Attend the People for Fairness Coalition’s Candidate Forum, 4-7pm @ Church of the Epiphany 

Thursday, 5/9: Join us IN PERSON in front of the Wilson Building to demand funding for housing vouchers and a stop to encampment evictions!

Join us NEXT THURSDAY, May 9th in front of the Wilson Building at 10am as we raise our voices and demand a budget that ends homelessness and a stop to encampment evictions! This is an opportunity to build community, hear from leaders with lived experience, and urge our local leaders to invest in housing and supportive services, not encampment sweeps. 

Friday, 5/10: CALL IN DAY! 

[We decided to focus on encampment evictions for the call-in day, with this being just a few business days before the planned evictions.]

  1. Let’s get those phones ringing off the hook! 
  1. Inside strategy: CEO Call in day (script forthcoming)

Messaging for Week of Action itself

The Mayor has proposed a budget with NO new housing vouchers and cuts to DC’s social safety net  


The National Park Service and the DC government are planning to evict 7 encampment sites starting May 15th, which will harm up to 70 of our neighbors!

Join The Way Home Campaign NEXT WEEK for a week of action to demand our local leaders invest in housing solutions, not encampment sweeps!

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