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You helped build a better Budget! Thank you!

We at Friendship Place are grateful to everyone who wrote, called and protested the FY ’24 Budget with us! 

The Council HEARD YOU and responded with BIG improvements to the budget.  

Of course, we didn’t get everything we wanted. It’s not even everything we need. But in this very tight budget with limited resources, we are grateful for the improvements the Council has made. Here are some of the Housing Highlights:

  1. The Council restored the ERAP (Emergency Rental Assistance) budget to $43 Million, the same amount as last year!
  2. The Council added $9.7M for 150 NEW Permanent Supportive Housing Vouchers for Individuals, and 80 NEW vouchers for Families, with an additional 20 vouchers for Returning Citizens. 
  3. The Council fully funded Access to Legal Services that help prevent evictions.
  4. The Council fully funded Project Reconnect which helps connect individuals to resources that help them avoid homelessness.

SOME other things that potentially impact those experiencing or at risk of homelessness include:

  1. $10.5 M for Victim and Domestic Violence Services
  2. 24 Hour Bus Service on 13 Common Routes
  3. $6.3 M to help create a pipeline to Social Work through UDC (creating more local caseworkers!)

While we clearly need more funding in so many areas, these are big, helpful accomplishments by the Council, reflecting differences in their priorities from the mayor’s.

 Don’t forget to thank your Council Members! Ward 3 is Council Member Frumin.  Everyone can email Council Member White, (responsible for Housing) and Chairman Mendelson to thank them and their staff for remembering DC’s vulnerable residents! 
There are still several steps left in the Budget Process. But we feel hopeful these changes will make it through.  The Council has a Second Vote on their budget changes on May 30, followed by a Final Vote in June.  Then Mayor Bowser will sign or Veto the budget.  Once signed, the budget goes to the US Congress for final approval (Home Rule, Anyone?).

We’ll keep you apprised of any major developments. Thank you again for your support!

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