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Give Your Love Away

While the world exchanges traditional gifts of cards and chocolate on Valentine’s Day, one Friendship Place staff member reminds us that there are many ways to spread love. Give your love away today!

A story from Dara Abrahams:

There’s a female consumer who comes to the Welcome Center often and keeps to herself.  I always say hello but respect her space as she hasn’t been very talkative with me.

But today was different. She asked me for some personal hygiene items, so I brought her the few things she requested, along with some extra things including new cosmetics and a more secure bag for her belongings.  She was so surprised and thankful that I took the time to find these items that she teared up with emotion and hugged me.

I was touched and felt good that a small effort and caring on my part moved her so much.”

On behalf of the Friendship Place family, have a meaningful and happy Valentine’s Day!

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