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Meet Sierra McPherson

Sierra McPherson, in one word, is resilient. Despite the many hurdles life has thrown her way, she has found a way to persevere.

Sierra’s mother struggled with drugs and at the age of 9, Sierra was forced to enter the foster care system where she was assaulted and often taken advantage of.

After facing challenges no child should have to endure, Sierra was eventually reunited with her mother seven years later. Tragically, their reunion was cut short as her mother passed away shortly thereafter.

Sierra then reached out to family for help but, once again, she found herself vulnerable and taken advantage of. She says, “my family only wanted the money I had.” Although a kind friend let her live with her, the rental office soon evicted Sierra.

When it seemed as if her situation could not get any more difficult, Sierra found out she was pregnant with twins. Fortunately, friends pointed her to the Virginia Williams Family Resource Center, which put her in touch with The Brooks, Friendship Place’s new Short-Term Family Housing facility.

It was then that her life began to turn around.

“Everyone was so nice there,” Ms. McPherson says. “They made me feel like everything would be okay. Everyone, from the case managers to the security and cleaning staff made me feel welcome and special.”

Through the generosity of the city, and welcoming neighbors, staff provided Sierra with bedding, cleaning supplies, and personal toiletries – all the things needed to make

someone feel at home. The Brooks also helped Sierra get needed identification documents, establish credit, and taught her how to manage her finances.

While at The Brooks, Sierra met with her case manager twice a week, guiding her through the process of finding her own home and building a better future. With twins on the way, Sierra was motivated – what would take the average person one week to accomplish, she did in a day.

In only 45 days – two days before the birth of her twins – Sierra moved into her new apartment. As she moved in, The Brooks and neighbors provided her with strollers, car seats, and bedding so she could safely bring her children to their cozy new home.

Today, Sierra is preparing to go back to work at a restaurant in Glover Park. Her motivation hasn’t waned – she is working hard to move up to manager, to better support her children.

She says, “I never want my kids to go through what I did, I want my kids to be happy and healthy.”

Sierra was 7 months pregnant with twins, without a home, and no one to rely on when she found The Brooks. Now, she is an empowered young woman who is doing all she can to provide a better life for her children.

Sierra credits The Brooks for getting her started on her new life. “I can’t describe the feeling I got from The Brooks, The Brooks is the extra!”

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