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No Wrong Door


The latest No Wrong Door training coordinated by Geoff Millard took place at the Community Resource and Referral Center (CRRC) last week on Thursday. The idea of No Wrong Door is to educate every caseworker in Washington D.C. so that he or she will know what to do if approached by a homeless or at-risk veteran. Ideally, no veteran will show up at the “wrong door” when looking for services.

Understanding the requirements to be eligible for services is a huge part of a case worker’s job, and the training was well attended with caseworkers from several different organizations. The presenters focused on eligibility as they spoke about Veterans Health Administration, the Veteran Benefits Administration, and legal rights for veterans.

The purpose of the Veterans Health Administration is to provide health care to veterans, and therefore improve their health and well-being. The Benefits Assistance Service is here to advocate for veterans. Bergmann and Moore was the law firm that was represented at the training; they provide legal services to homeless Veterans. All three of these topics were covered, and the speakers were highly informative and open to answer any question that was thrown at them.

Overall, the training went off without a hitch, and we hope that it was beneficial to those who attended. There will be more in the future, with the next one happening in September. We will continue to organize these trainings so that homeless veterans and those helping them will know all that these programs have to offer.

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