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Meet William Plummer

William Plummer has been a La Casa resident for eleven life-changing years. While his childhood and twenties were filled with housing instability, mental health struggles, and addiction, Mr. Plummer has found the support and guidance he needs to rebuild his life through Friendship Place’s services. 

Mr. Plummer grew up in Maryland, and after his father’s passing when he was twelve he began to struggle with mental health and drug problems. At eighteen he suffered a head injury that caused his mental health issues to escalate, and ultimately he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at twenty-one. He spent his twenties living in between his family’s house and the DC streets, lacking the proper treatment and housing security he needed to turn his life around. 

Since being placed at La Casa eleven years ago, Mr. Plummer has found community and proper treatment. “I love it here,” he says “I love the people and sense of community. The staff is doing a great job.” La Casa case managers meet regularly with highly vulnerable residents like Mr. Plummer to create individualized service plans so that they can improve their lives. He is now 5 years clean and optimistic about the future.

When asked about what he sees next for himself, Mr. Plummer wants to become more self-sufficient, and “get my driver’s license, a job, and become more educated.”  He also envisions more time with his family, who visits him often at La Casa. He says, “I am ready to learn about my father’s life.” 

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